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Speak Now. Final Decision on Alberta's Land Use Plan- May 27, 2014

The Final Decision Is In the Works


Castle Waterton Legault
View of the Castle and Waterton, Alberta. Image: Stephen Legault


We expect the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) to finalize the long-awaited Regional Land Use Plan for southern Alberta VERY SOON.

It is a plan that will impact the water we drink, the places we play and the wildlife we treasure.

The last draft of the plan did not to live up to Albertan’s expectations, failing to resolve decades-old conflicts over forestry, off-highway vehicle use and oil and gas development on Alberta’s Eastern Slopes. Learn more.

We know you love Alberta’s prairies, foothills and mountains: speak up for them before this plan is finalized.

Please EMAIL

Consider the following when you contact them:

  1. Protect the entire Castle Special Place to conserve grizzly bear habitat, bull trout streams and internationally significant wildlife-movement corridors.
  2. Reform forestry south of the Bow River - change can help us adapt to extreme weather and a changing environment while also protecting our headwaters and wildlife movement pathways.
  3. Conserve the Livingstone, Porcupine Hills, the Upper Oldman River watershed and the unprotected eastern and southern portions of Kananaskis Country.
  4. Create a new Wildlife Corridor Land-use Designation that allows wildlife to move from one protected area to another.


Thank you for taking action.

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