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Help Assess the True Cost of the Site C Dam - May 18, 2012

This Action Alert is now complete.

Thanks to the 474 committed citizens who participated in this action. To learn more the current state of affairs with the Site C project click here.


With one simple action, you have the opportunity to make a big difference!

BC Hydro is proposing to construct an $8 billion dam and reservoir - known as Site C - on British Columbia's Peace River.

Halfway River - Site C Impoundment
Halfway River - Site C Impoundment. Photo Credit: Don Hoffmann

This would be the third hydro project on one of the most endangered rivers in the province. Among other consequences, this dam could be the final barrier to wildlife movement in this critical Y2Y corridor.

Click here for the full background on Site C.

Public Consultation Is On Now!

Y2Y believes BC Hydro needs to conduct a cumulative effects assessment as part of their environmental assessment process that measures the impact that the Site C reservoir, together with all other existing and future development, will have on the ability of wildlife to move through the Peace Break region.

It Only Takes 1-minute to Take Action

Please write a letter to the two environmental assessment bureaus asking them to broaden the scope of the guidelines.

A draft letter with all the key points and addressed to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is below. Please personalize the letter or compose your own.

To voice your opinion to the provincial bureau, copy and paste the letter below to this on-line site.

Your letter will be sent to the following people:
  • Ms Linda Jones (Panel Manager, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency)
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