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On-the-Ground Efforts

Carrying out Y2Y's mission, to maintain and restore the unique natural heritage of the Rocky Mountains from Yellowstone National Park to the mountains of northern Yukon, will increase the ecological effectiveness of the region.

Collaborative on-the-ground projects that promote the mission include protecting areas of high ecological value or vulnerability; reducing ecologically harmful activities such as hydroelectric dams, mega-recreational resorts, or strip mines; identifying and protecting key wildlife linkage zones across busy roadways; promoting wildlife highway over- and under-passes; protecting private lands within key linkage zones; educating communities in order to reduce human-wildlife conflicts; removing and restoring forest access roads. Collectively, these efforts are creating a tapestry of intact and connected lands that will support viable populations of wildlife, bird, and fish species while providing opportunities for human recreation and spiritual renewal.

Y2Y's partners include local grassroots and community groups, government agencies, funders (both institutional and individual), Native American and First Nations communities and organizations, scientists and researchers, businesses, and others whose work contributes directly or indirectly to advancing the Yellowstone to Yukon vision.

To learn more about our projects, visit the links below.

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