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Three Sisters Wildlife Corridor Needs You

UPDATE June 20th - The receiver in charge of Three Sisters Mountain Village has decided to walk away from pursuing an area structure plan with the Town of Canmore. Details available in an article published in the Rocky Mountain Outlook. Stay tuned for updates from Y2Y in the days to come.


The fate of the Three Sisters Wildlife Corridor is about to be determined, and we need your help!

Without your voice the last piece of the only low-elevation connection between Banff National Park and K-Country, and a key link in the Y2Y system, could be lost.

Wolf - Peter Dettling
Photo Credit: Peter Dettling

Living with Wildlife

The Bow Valley’s Town of Canmore is located in the middle of one of the most important regional wildlife corridors in the province. Wildlife uses this low elevation valley to move between two protected habitats: Kananaskis Country and Banff National Park.

We already have close to 20,000 permanent and part-time residents as well as two highways and a railroad in this busy part of the Bow Valley. The Three Sister’s development, when complete, will add an additional 10,000 people to Canmore’s population. That's the largest single resort in B.C. and one-and-a-half Banff's.

We have to get the wildlife corridors right. It's critical not only to maintain the ability of wildlife to manoeuver through this busy valley, but also to minimize the potential for conflict between wildlife, visitors and residents.

The proposed layout for the remaining Three Sisters development, located on the south-east side of town, will put this all at risk.

Photo: Kent Nelson
Photo: Kent Nelson

An Urgent Issue

The last owner of Three Sisters went bankrupt in 2009.  the current receiver, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), is under extreme pressure from the major creditor (HSBC Bank Canada) to extract maximum value from the property by the end of June 2013.

As a result they are busy laying out developments in ways that will seriously compromise this important wildlife corridor. Where they fall and what shape they take is the issue we are grappling with now.

What We’re Asking For

Two problem areas have been identified by local wildlife corridor experts: Site 7 and the upper half of the Resort Centre. Both are currently zoned for golf course development but PwC is hoping to get a lot of housing approved for each.

As the map shows, we are asking for two simple things:

  1. A 600m-wide corridor at Site 7 (i.e. down to the blue dashed line), and
  2. No houses on the golf-course-zoned lands at the Resort Centre. Those lands need to buffer the wildlife corridor, as agreed to in 2004.

TSMV Corridor Ad Map


You can help!

  1. Get informed. Read through the wealth of information available on this web site to educate yourself about this issue and its consequences.
  2. Speak Out! Attend the Town of Canmore's hearings.
  3. Contact the Mayor and Councillors.

Click here to download some talking points we've prepared.

            Talking Points 3Sisters
            Click to download talking points on Three Sisters Wildlife Corridor

            Learn More!

            Several of the technical documents detailing how wildlife corridors should be designed to meet the best scientific information are available on the Biosphere Institute’s web site.

            Return to this page frequently for updates on the process and more opportunities to participate.

            Click here for information on the Three Sisters Planning Process and history.

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