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Y2Y Partners

Collaboration is the lifeblood of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. In a landscape so vast and diverse, and which faces so many urgent challenges, cooperation is the key to securing a healthy and sustainable environment for people and wildlife. These cooperative efforts and activities are undertaken by a broad cross-section of partners.

Y2Y's role is to set the context for regional conservation work by providing the vision for a healthy Yellowstone to Yukon landscape, commissioning the science necessary for effective land-use management, and acting as a catalyst that brings together diverse organizations and agencies. In addition, we bring in resources to support our partners' work.

Frog Bear Partners
In 2012, Y2Y and a collection of partners including researchers, scientists and a landtrust worked together to purchase a piece of private land near Creston, BC that has high continental-scale connectivity value for the threatened Selkirk grizzkly population. It also happen to be the last known breeding ground for the endangered Leopard Frog. It is now known as Frog Bear. . Photo Credit: Renee Krysko

Y2Y's network includes local grassroots and community groups, government agencies, funders (both institutional and individual), Native American and First Nations communities and organizations, scientists and researchers, businesses, and others whose work contributes directly or indirectly to advancing the Yellowstone to Yukon vision.

We define our partners as any individuals or groups which have, in the previous two years:

  • received financial support from Y2Y (for example, in the form of a Partner Grant)
  • contracted with Y2Y to undertake scientific research or other work
  • participated in the development or implementation of a collaborative conservation plan or project in one of our Priority Areas or
  • support the Y2Y vision and identify themselves publicly as a Y2Y partner

Please note that working with Y2Y in any of the ways listed above, or being identified as a Y2Y partner, should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the Y2Y organization or the Y2Y vision.

Working with Native American Tribes, First Nations and Métis Nations

The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative is committed to working appropriately and respectfully with Native American Tribes, First Nations and Métis Nations in the landscapes in which we are active. The Y2Y Board of Directors has approved four principles that govern Y2Y’s work with aboriginal communities.

Ongoing work by Y2Y is building the relationships that may lead to further collaborations with several Native American tribes/First Nations within our Priority Areas.

See a draft map of aboriginal communities within Y2Y's priority areas.

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