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Stories From the Land

We are in new era of conservation. Protected and isolated wilderness areas like National Parks are not enough. These islands lead to extinction.

The principles of island biogeography teach us that when ecosystems become stranded—when they are bisected or surrounded by human development, for example—certain species are put at risk of extinction. Extinction leads to a loss of biodiversity, which disintegrates ecosystems, and contributes to the systematic degradation of our planet.

We need to think bigger.

The people profiled here are part of this new era. They are the pioneers who act with the larger landscape in mind. Motivated by their love for wild places, and their sense of loss at its slow disappearance, they have found their own way to keep the Yellowstone to Yukon region wild and connected.

They are our role-models. And we hope you find them as inspiring as we do.

Ranching in Predator Country

Y2Y 20th Anniversary Celebration

Awarded Order of Canada - Juri Peepre

A Lifetime of Conservation Awarded - Harvey Locke

New Member of Y2Y Team - Sarah Cox

Y2Y's New President - Karsten Heuer

Signs of Reconnection - North American Grizzlies

It's the People - Sarah Palmer and Tom Plunkett

Synergy and Serendipity - The Cabinet-Purcell Mountain Corridor Collaboration

Wilderness = Jobs - The Conservation Alliance

Walking Y to Y - Karsten Heuer


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