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Proposed Hotel in Picturesque Rockies Park Raises Ire (Apr 9)
Three former Parks Canada executives are urging the federal Environment Minister to say no to the construction of a lodge on Maligne Lake – the iconic body of water in Jasper National Park that is one of the most photographed places in Canada.
B.C. First Nation Views Site C Dam as Part of Devastating Big Picture (Apr 6)
Cumulative impact is something the B.C. government does not like to talk about when consulting First Nations about resource developments. Government prefers to look at projects in isolation. So, Site C on the Peace River, for example, is assessed on its own, not in the context of all the oil-and-gas activity taking place in the region.
Animal Detection System Makes Idaho Highway Safer (Mar 30)
A wildlife detection system developed by Sloan Security Technologies of Boise could make the road safer for both people and animals.
Changes to Park Act Pave the Way for Industrial Development in BC Parks Controversial Bill 4 to Become Law (Mar 25)
Today Bill 4 (the Park Amendment Act) is set to become law, despite widespread opposition from the BC public and a consortium of leading environmental organizations and notable park advocates.
A Dam Shame (Mar 17)
Let me get this straight: you want to flood a pristine valley in Canada to generate power so you can ship natural gas overseas to keep Asia’s lights on?
2014 Y2Y Competitive Partner Grants Program - Request for Proposal (Mar 6)
The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) is pleased to announce that its Competitive Partner Grants Program has been extended to its sixteenth year.
North Fork Bill Passed by the U.S. House of Representatives (Mar 5)
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday that formally withdraws the federally-owned portion of the Flathead watershed from future oil and gas leasing.
Seasonal Closure of Bow Valley Parkway - Good for National Park Wildlife and Visitor Experience (Feb 26)
The mandatory seasonal travel restriction for the Bow Valley Parkway being implemented by Parks Canada in Banff National Park this spring is a good move, say conservation groups.
Wildlife Corridors in the Digital Age (Feb 24)
Development is squeezing animals into smaller pockets of land, and without sufficient planning and protection, individual animal populations could find themselves increasingly isolated.
MSU Study Shows Bear Crossings Promote Gene Flow (Feb 23)
Wildlife crossings spanning the Trans-Canada Highway are allowing grizzly and black bears to spread their genes, according to a recent research paper written by a former Montana State University graduate student.
Grizzly Deaths in 2013 Bad News for Bears (Feb 20)
“At a rate of mortality that we saw this year of 31 bears, we have to be concerned that we are heading in the wrong direction with the population as a whole,” said Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative program director Wendy Francis.
WTI Celebrates 20 Years Making Rural Highways Safer (Feb 20)
Still focused on finding practical solutions for transportation problems in rural areas, WTI has grown into one of the largest research departments at MSU, second only to chemistry and biochemistry.
Tarsis Resources Still Working in Protected Peel Watershed (Feb 17)
The Yukon Government says it has no intention of adjusting the Peel Land Use Plan.
Wildlife Corridor Now Affordable (Feb 13)
It was reported in the valley last week that the Three Sisters Lands allegedly sold at a deep discount: $12.5 million for 1,495 acres.
Crowd Rallies at Legislature to Support Agricultural Land Reserve (Feb 10)
About 1,000 people were on the lawns of the B.C. legislature on Family Day Monday for a “food for the future” rally, seeking to preserve the province’s agricultural land reserve.
Site C Dam Protesters Preparing to Descend on Victoria (Feb 9)
When Ken Boon and his wife, Arlene, sat down to write to the Joint Review Panel examining BC Hydro’s proposal to build the Site C dam, they looked out over farmland that has been in their family for 70 years.
Protecting More than a Postage-stamp Sized Ecosystem (Feb 7)
Yukon First Nations and Yukon-based environmental organizations are taking legal action to secure protections for the Peel River Watershed, an area seven times the size of Yellowstone National Park, against the expansion of new mineral staking and oil and gas development
First Nations Are in the Fight of Their Lives With Yukon Government (Feb 4)
A little less than two weeks ago, the Yukon government announced that it would open most of the Peel River Watershed -- a wilderness the size of New Brunswick -- to mining and other development.
Development in Yukon's Peel River Watershed Provokes Controversy (Feb 3)
Activists gathered last Wednesday in several communities in the Canadian territories of Yukon and Northwest Territories to stage coordinated protests opposing plans to develop the Peel watershed.
Time Is Running Out for Jumbo Glacier Resort (Feb 2)
More than two decades after it was proposed, the Jumbo Glacier Resort is still a construct only on paper. But the plan to build North America’s first year-round ski resort now has a concrete deadline that could reveal if it is, more accurately, a house of cards.
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