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Site C Dam a Threat to $8 Billion of Ecological Value (Jul 30)
The ecological values contained within B.C.’s Peace River Valley — site of BC Hydro’s planned Site C dam — are conservatively worth up to $8.6 billion a year, according to a report Wednesday by the Vancouver-based David Suzuki Foundation.
Bat Team to Probe 'Black Hole' (Jul 24)
Not much is known about bats in the Flathead River Valley. On Thursday, Cori Lausen and a bat team will head to southeastern British Columbia for a four-day BioBlitz in an attempt to find out more.
Final SSRP Still Criticized Over Castle Protection (Jul 23)
The final South Saskatchewan Regional Plan has added more area in the Castle region to be protected, but critics say it is not enough to ensure the critical landscape of that area is preserved in its entirety.
Land Use Plan for Southern Alberta Fails to Protect Critical Landscapes (Jul 23)
The final land use plan for southern Alberta – called the South Saskatchewan Regional Land Use Plan (SSRP) – has failed to protect critical headwaters including the Castle Special Place.
Flathead Bat BioBlitz May Help Canada's Endangered Bats (Jul 23)
Bat biologists are converging in B.C.’s Flathead River Valley tomorrow. They hope to gain new information to advance bat conservation in B.C.’s southeast and to ultimately minimize the impacts of White Nose Syndrome, a mysterious disease that has killed millions of North American bats.
Auditor Report Reason to Doubt Province on SSRP (Jul 16)
We hope many Bow Valley residents, and even Albertans, are eagerly awaiting the release of the final South Saskatchewan Regional Plan from the provincial government soon.
Efforts Made to Save Wolverines (Jul 13)
A recent research study showed the number of wolverines in the southwest corner of the province south of Highway 3 was less than that in protected areas. As a result, Y2Y is calling for the Castle Special Place to be designated as a Wildland Park.
Peel Watershed Trial Wraps Up (Jul 11)
The historic trial over the fate of the Peel watershed ended just before noon on Thursday. While the outcome of the case will determine how much wilderness will be open to industrial development, the central question of the trial was not about conservation.
U.S. Reverses Proposal to List Wolverine as Threatened Species (Jul 5)
A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official has ordered federal biologists to withdraw their conclusion that the last 300 wolverines in the continental United States deserve threatened species status.
We'll See You in Court (Jun 25)
Thomas Berger is headed north again, this time to argue for greater protection for the Peel River watershed.
High-Tech Warnings to Help Prevent Wildlife Collisions (Jun 24)
The Government of B.C. will be testing new high-tech wildlife detection systems on Highway 3 between Cranbrook and the Alberta border to better warn motorists about the potential for wildlife collisions.
Tsilhqot'in First Nation Granted B.C. Title Claim in Supreme Court Ruling (Jun 26)
The Supreme Court of Canada has granted declaration of aboriginal title to more than 1,700 square kilometres of land in British Columbia to the Tsilhqot'in First Nation, the first time the court has made such a ruling regarding aboriginal land.
Industry Leaders Continue to Raise Concerns of Potential Site C Dam (Jun 17)
A Troy Media Marketplace report claims major industrial power users in this province are expressing concerns about B.C. Hydro rate hikes associated with approval of the Site C Dam.
New Study Offers Promise for Improved Water Quality and Quantity and Fewer Floods in the Bow River Watershed (Jun 17)
Continuing with current management practices will lead to further declines in water quality and quantity in the Bow River and increase the likelihood of flooding, shows a study being released today.
Province Between Rock and Park Space on Expansion Plan (Jun 8)
A proposal to expand a provincial park in the Bow Valley is in dispute as the province finalizes a land-use plan for southern Alberta.
Dam Demolished on Forty Mile Creek (June 5)
Wendy Francis, program director for the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) Conservation Initiative, said partial removal of the dam is a good news story and the risks are low compared to the long-term potential ecological benefits.
Castle Special Place Helps Threatened U.S. Wolverines: New Research Findings (Jun 5)
The Castle Special Place and other parts of southern Alberta are “crucial” to the survival of threatened American wolverine populations, according to new research.
Three Rivers, Two Creeks on B.C.'s Endangered Waterways List (May 20)
The Peace, Fraser and Similkameen Rivers, together with Pennask and Callaghan Creeks, were selected from nominations made by the 100,000 members of the Outdoor Recreation Council of British Columbia.
Report Weighs Pros and Cons of Site C Dam (May 20)
A report determining the fate of the proposed $7.9 billion Site C dam project has come back inconclusive, neither suggesting approval of the project nor suggesting this rejection.
Harper Unveils Conservation Plan for Ecologically Sensitive Lands (May 15)
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has unveiled a $252-million plan to strengthen the conservation and restoration of ecologically sensitive land and waters throughout Canada.
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