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A listing of the Monthly Features from the Y2Y Conservation Initiative
New Proposal to Protect Alaskan Wilderness Most Sweeping in Decades
President Obama's proposal would protect up to 12.3 million acres of wilderness in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Florida Wildlife Corridor
Protecting a functional ecological corridor for the health of people, wildlife and watersheds.
Rewilding Projects Aim to Turn Back Clock on Environment (Nov/14)
A global movement known as "rewilding" is gaining traction, with the goal of returning areas to a more natural state.
Y2Y Celebrates 20 Years of Conservation Accomplishments (Oct/14)
For an entity that claims no power or authority, the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative has a lot of accomplishments to celebrate this year.
Building an Ark for the Anthropocene (Sept/14)
WE are barreling into the Anthropocene, the sixth mass extinction in the history of the planet...By 2100, researchers say, one-third to one-half of all Earth’s species could be wiped out.
Can the World Really Set Aside Half of the Planet for Wildlife? (Aug/14)
The eminent evolutionary biologist E.O. Wilson has an audacious vision for saving Earth from a cataclysmic extinction event.
Plan Promises Protection for Environmentally Sensitive Areas in Southern Alberta (Jul/14)
The province unveiled its long awaited plan for the South Saskatchewan River Basin on Wednesday and says the new land-use project will help manage growth pressures and protect the environment in southern Alberta.
Governments Choosing Development Over Conservation, Parks Group Warns (Jul/14)
The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society says most parks and proposed protected areas are facing greater challenges than they were a year ago.
Industry Endangering Forests in Alberta Rockies, Study Says (Jun/14)
A report based on new satellite imagery says forests on the slopes of Alberta's Rocky Mountains are disappearing more quickly than anywhere else in the province – including the oilsands area.
Study Finds Low Number of Wolverines Along Eastern Slopes of the Rockies (Jun/14)
A new survey of wolverines along the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies - considered a crucial link between those in Canada and the United States - suggests the population isn't as healthy as in the national parks.
BC Parks Bill’s Ambiguity on ‘Research’ Opens Door to Exploitation, Critics Say (Mar/14)
When B.C. Environment Minister Mary Polak introduced Bill 4, she made it sound as if the government was saving the province’s threatened parks. In reality, the Park Amendment Act, which passed last week, may have paved the way for the erosion of some of the most sacred landscapes in the province.
Parks Ministers Urging Canadians to 'Go Play Outside' (Mar/14)
“As we face increasing pressures on the environment from land use and climate change, we need people to understand the importance of the natural world,” said Wendy Francis, program director of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative.
Site C Dam: BC Hydro's Plan Pits Need for Power Against Threat to Farmland and Wildlife (Dec/13)
As the Joint Review Panel prepares for public hearings into the mega-project, starting Monday in Fort St. John, no one is denying the considerable impacts of the dam.
Regional Plan Draws Concerns, Skepticism (Nov/13)
The title doesn’t give it away, but the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan has significant implications for residents of the Bow Valley, as well as the entire southern portion of the province of Alberta.
Conservationists Say Southern Alberta Land-use Plan Lacks Flood Protection (Oct/13)
A draft land-use plan for southern Alberta offers no new protection for flooding in the area, according to conservationists.
More Bears Are Now Using Banff Highway Crossings (Aug/13)
Anywhere that cars and wildlife occupy the same area, the potential for dangerous interactions between the two exists. Banff National Park has worked hard since the 1990′s to decrease these problems along the highly-traveled, 83-km stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway that runs through the park.
Land-use Plan Could Reduce Impact of Future Floods (Jul/13)
Two weeks after major flooding hit much of southern Alberta, conservationists say a plan already in the works by the province could help mitigate the effects of future disasters.
TSMV Receiver Abandons Process (Jun/13)
The receiver in charge of Three Sisters Mountain Village has decided to walk away from pursuing an area structure plan with the Town of Canmore.
Controversial Cabled Path Approved at Norquay (May/13)
Parks Canada has approved summer use at Mount Norquay ski area, a decision that will see a via ferrata — an adventure activity that fixes the mountain with cables, ladders and bridges to the upper cliffs — installed by next summer.
B.C. Group Fights for Peace, Lower Fraser and Elk Rivers (Apr/13)
Publication of the most recent list of the province’s most endangered rivers, to be released today, makes it clear that 21 years later, B.C. still has a lot to learn about managing its watersheds.
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